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The "Wisdom Junction"

Learning from the "Wisdom Junction".

The EDAYA ARTS CORDILLERA is a social enterprise based in Baguio Philippines with the commitment of revitalizing Indigenous cultures and communities. Throughout all our undertakings, we always put prime importance on the concept of cultural relativism and we try as much as we can to be objective so as to execute fair dealings not only with the local people but also with Japan and the world in general. Our first exhibition, EDAYA JOURNEY Vol. 1 which exuded the theme “Soul of Kalinga Music” and was held last March 2013 in Japan, has showcased research results about the vanishing art of traditional bamboo instruments of the Kalinga people, whose stories were captured and told by photos and videos. It was an uplifting experience to see many people become fascinated by the world they
are seeing for the first time. 
The EDAYA JOURNEY Vol 2 exhibition which took place last May 31 - June 7, 2015 was staged with the theme "Redesigning Relatiionships: Learning from the Kalinga Stories". The exhibition was intended to show a deeper perspective and a closer dive-in of the Kalinga world to our audience and pose the challenge for them to rethink about their connections with themselves, their communities and the world. Both exhibitions found their home in Striped House Gallery, Roppongi Tokyo.
The centerpiece of the exhibition is an installation we fondly referred to as the Wisdom Junction, which then serves as the crossroads of thoughts, ideas, stories, perceptions and inspirations from different peoples of different cultures. The center bamboo symbolizes you. The inner ring is your family, and by family, we mean the people you closely associate yourself with. The outer ring is your community, whether in school, in the workplace or anywhere else. The bigger structure is your society/country. The sticks holding these together symbolize your relationships with each of these social connections. And despite differences in culture and identities, at the end of the day, there is always something that's holding us together. This bamboo installation served as an inspiration to a lot of people who came to share the appreciation with us.
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